Basic Statistics & Probability

Basic Statistics and Probability Course



OnlineTestsPrep Basic Statistics and Probability Course is designed to review the fundamental statistics and probability for standardized tests that have some type of math section like the GRE and have the following features:

1. 14 video tutorial lessons outlined as follows:
    Lesson 0 - Course Introduction
    Lesson 1 - Statistics and Probability in Standardized Tests
    Lesson 2 - Data Samples and Variables
    Lesson 3 - Descriptive Statistics - Graphs
    Lesson 4 - Descriptive Statistics - Numerical Measures
    Lesson 5 - Bivariate Data
    Lesson 6 - Probability - Introduction and Set Theory Fundamentals
    Lesson 7 - Probability - Counting Principles (Basic Discrete Mathematics)
    Lesson 8 - Probability - Event Relation and Probability Rules
    Lesson 9 - Probability - Independence, Conditional Probability
    and Multiplication Rule
    Lesson 10 - Probability - Bayer's Rule
    Lesson 11 - Probability Distributions and Binomial Theorem
    Lesson 12 - Normal Probabiliy Distribution and Standard Deviations
    Lesson 13 - Course Review

2. Lessons Manuals and Practice in pdf format

4. Reference Books

5. Unlimited Access in one time payment

6. Consultation with the professor Mr. Daniel Diaz 24/7.


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