How it Works

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OnlineTestsPrep is a elearning center that will teach you how to ace the tests we work. A good elearning course must be follow any other in person course like school or college: a study plan, goals, lessons and practice of skills, concepts and application. The difference here is that the goal of the course offered here is to get the maximum score possible on that test you are going to take.

With that in mind, each course is consists of the following:

  • video lessons => This is the core of each course. Each lesson is teached with a recorded video streamed from this website that will teach in a engaging manner whatever goal of the lesson is. The videos are upto 90 minutes maximum.
  • manuals => The lessons have, in many cases, files on pdf that must be downloaded and printed because the will be used as practice or complement of the lessons. There will be, also, a master manual called "Course Manual" that will be like an instruction guide that will explain the whole course in the most detailed way possible.
  • practice => Besides the manuals, there will also be practice tests, practice of section of tests and other type of practice all on pdf all downloable so that you can practice on your own the skills for the tests.
  • reference books and workbooks => Finally there will be available selected reference books, workbooks and others to complement the lessons. You can download them and read them if you want but this is completely optional but recommended.

If you want to subscribe, this is a step - by - step process you should do:
1.Go to the Menu on top and go to Plans and in the submenu select the course you want and that will bring you to the subscriptions plans of that particular course.
2. Select the Plan you want and click on the button that says Sign Up.
3. Because this website don't allow registration, go to "New User? Please register" and fill the required fields (the ones that have an asteriks *). The other fields are optionals but you can fill them if you like.
4. Select the payment method. For now we only accept PayPal and offline methods. Offline method is payment through bank deposit, ATH Movil, etc. Pay through offline method means that the access is fixed and no recurring so if you bought for 30 days access, you will have access for 30 days exactly and then the account will expire and you will have to buy another 30, 60 or other days again.
5. Read and accept the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms and Conditions" and also the reCaptcha and then click on Process Subscription.
6. When Process Subscription is cliked, a PayPal Processing Gateway Page will open and if you have already a PayPal account use it. If you don't have a PayPal account, just fill the fields of credit card payment and fields to create a PayPal Account and when all is correct, click on the down button that says process subscription or process payment.
7. If all goes well, after the payment if a success, you will be autolog in the course and you can start using it because a new menu with the course will appear including a welcome article.
8. You will receive and email with your user profile information and an invoice that you can save for your records.

An important point to establish is that this is a recurring subscription elearning website which means the payments are charged automatically (there will be some reminder emails  sent 15, 10 and 5 days before the recharge) at the end of the time of the plan for another period of the plan. For example, 30 days recurring means that every 30 days the system will charge the price of the plan automatically, 90 days will do it for another 90 days and 180 days for another 180 days. The only plan that is not recurring is "Lifetime" that means exactly that one time payment for forever access.


If you have any issue or question, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or my whataspp (787) 647 - 8726 and I will gladly help you.