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OnlineTestsPrep.com is owned and created by me, Prof. Daniel Diaz. I have been giving standardized tests prep for the past 15 year both in person and even online. My main website is Alpha & Omega Learning Center which is my learning center for my test preparations courses live here in Puerto Rico.

I consider (and I'm) and expert in standardized tests since I can remember (ace them almost getting perfect on them almost every time). I'm also a mathematician, computer scientist and logician having studied that in college (bachelor's and masters degrees in Computer Science and Math and Web Design). I'm also a skilled web designer. I also took some Education Courses to better myself in teaching. This with all the experience I have gather through the years is what makes OnlineTestsPrep a hopeful success.

What we will do here on OnlineTestsPrep is help you ace those tests: EXADEP, LSAT, GRE, PAA or whatever test there is to get the maximum score possible and I will be all the way with you on the process helping you.

Best Regards,
Prof. Daniel Diaz